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Jesus’ ethic of compassion

Jesus, in his solidarity with the outcasts, is moved to compassion. The characteristic Greek word for compassion, splagchnoisomai, means to let one’s innards embrace the feeling or situation of another.  (Breuggeman 88)  As we will see, Jesus’ compassion is for the whole range of human persons who are harassed and helpless. He enters into the…

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What is the reign of God?

Forgiveness The reign of God means forgiveness – the unbinding from sin and accusation.  Jesus offered the amnesty of God to many whom a moralistic culture regarded as unworthy. Some thought this blasphemous. (Mk 2:7) Walter Breuggemann says, of Jesus’ forgiveness: We should not miss the radical criticism of society contained in the act. Hannah…

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The Politics of Prayer

Evensong 27 August 2017 1. More and more we are conscious of a strange loss of nerve in the West today—a spiritual torpor, a restlessness. No one knows whether things will hold together; indeed as the poet tells us “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” Yet in…

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